About Us

Essential Wipes is a Product of Functional Botanicals

PO Box 1003
Ashland , OR 97520

Functional Botanicals is a provider of natural healthcare products that has grown out of our knowledge and clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our focus is simple, to view each customer as a patient. In this way our products are extensions of our knowledge, experience and desire to help others heal. This is why we use the highest quality ingredients that are produced in the most sustainable ways available. Not only do we want to minimize our footprint on the planet, but we want to have a positive impact as well. This is why we have made it our mission to help preserve indigenous medical practices so this knowledge is not lost. There is much we can learn from each other, and modernization does necessitate the eradication of old wisdom in order to explore new ideas. Both can exist side by side, and from our experience the combination of our global ancestors’ wisdom with the modern advancements in technology creates a synthesis of potent medicine and medicinal practices.

We want, in our own small way, to help health care in the US grow and shift into the effective, ethical and affordable medicine that we all want for us and our families.

Our Goals are Simple:

1. Increase the positivity and healing in the world one product at a time.
2. Provide the highest quality and most effective products base on our knowledge and clinical experience.
3. Discover and preserve the traditional health practices of our global indigenous cultures.


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